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Organize relaxing and exotic stays in peace and waterfront at the Hotel la Villa Bettina. Our entire team will go to great lengths to offer you an exceptional and rejuvenating stay. You will be charmed by all the little attentions that we will offer you on a daily basis: personalized formulas, 3-star services, cozy and comfortable rooms, cozy atmosphere and many others.

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Thalasso & spa Barrière La Baule

With the Barrière La Baule thalassotherapy center
Extraordinary partnership


Imagine classic thalassotherapy. Now forget everything you just imagined.

The Thalasso & The Spa Barrière La Baule reinvents itself and offers a new experience, putting innovation at the service of pleasure. 

This Thalasso & The completely redesigned spa reminds us that innovations only make sense if they are useful to you and contribute to your well-being. It reinvents classic methods to captivate your senses and promises you a unique experience in the heart of a leisure resort.

The Thalasso & The Spa Barrière La Baule is an explosive mix of relaxation and energy in an atmosphere that adapts to your desires.

Discover a thalassotherapy that has nothing to do with thalassotherapy.

AN EXCEPTIONAL THALASSO OFFER Discover our thalassotherapy offers

Imagine diving into the salty waters of the ocean, letting yourself be lulled by the movements of the water, while our professional therapists take care of you with soothing and relaxing treatments, in a luxury and of refinement.

Thalasso, Beauty, Spa The Odysseys (6 days)

Fitness Odyssey

A complete program combining fitness and relaxation for overall fitness.

  • Standard Price: €149 per day
  • Group Offer (10+ people): €140 per day

Odyssey Massages

Therapeutic massages to relieve stress and improve physical and mental well-being.

  • Standard Price: €198 per day
  • Group Offer (10+ people): €187 per day

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(4 days) Parentheses (4 days)

Thalasso essentials parenthesis

Enjoy the benefits of thalassotherapy with personalized treatments.

  • Standard Price: €144 per day
  • Group Offer (10+ people): €136 per day

Parenthesis Spa & Beauty

A luxurious spa experience that combines beauty treatments and deep relaxation.

  • Standard Price: €198 per day
  • Group Offer (10+ people): €187 per day

For a moment out of time Other services

Marine Space Access with Collective Coaching

Discover the innovative marine space and take part in enriching collective coaching.

  • Price: €252 for 5 access

Japanese Sauna

Live a unique sauna experience with our Japanese sauna sessions.

  • 20 minutes: €36
  • 40 minutes: €63

A la Carte Sports Classes

Take advantage of cutting-edge technologies for optimal well-being and improved physical performance (EMS Miha Bodytec, Huber 360°, Cryojet or Vital’Fit)

  • Offer: benefit from -10% on the classic public rate